How to Bypass Samsung FRP

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Factory Reset Protection (FRP) also known as Activation lock is a security feature to protect your Android device from unauthorized access.

Of late, various Android clients (Samsung, Google Pixel, LG, Sony, HTC, ZTE, and the sky is the limit from there.) were having issues with FRP lock sidestep. Also, the number is expanding step by step, each now I see clients posting on Android discussions how to sidestep FRP, how to sidestep Gmail account check or Samsung record sidestep utilizing modded apk documents.

I have composed an extreme manual for detour FRP regardless of what variant of Android your gadget is running.

FRP was discharged with Android candy (5.0) and presently the most recent adaptation is Android 8.0 Oreo. So remember that it has turned into somewhat harder to sidestep it yet not feasible. Peruse the total guide on the most proficient method to open your telephone.

Luckily it is the main guide you’ll have to open your telephone.

Furthermore, I am not kidding take my words for it…

Before the finish of this guide you ought to have the option to sidestep Factory Reset Protection utilizing FRP Bypass apk or utilizing elective strategies.

Here is all that you have to think about Android FRP sidestep apk and how to sidestep it utilizing this application and other option open strategies.

Peruse more to find solutions to all inquiries identified with FRP and reset reactivation lock on your Samsung cell phones and tablets running Android OS.

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What is Android FRP Bypass?

FRP a.k.a Factory reset protection. Google introduced this security feature with the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop in 2014.

It protects your Android devices from unauthorized access if you lose your phone, stolen or someone does a factory reset without your permission.

For example, a phone with Activation lock enabled is stolen then someone with your Google Account password or screen lock information can only get access.

All Android Smartphones manufacturers have now implemented the new security feature including Samsung, Google (Pixel and Nexus series), LG, Sony, HTC, and Huawei latest flagship devices.

Google is now serious about ensuring the user privacy and security. For this reason, they released a new feature called app permission manager with Android Marshmallow.

FRP Bypass APK

FRP bypass

Here is the download link for Samsung bypass google verify FRP app.

File Name: Samsung frp settings.apk File Size: 83.08 KB File Type: application/ File extension: APK

After downloading the apk, you can follow rest of the step-by-step guide below on how to bypass Samsung account using the app you’ve just downloaded. If you’re having any issues downloading the app apk or bypassing the Google account, feel free to let us know in the comment section.

Samsung FRP Bypass

Follow the steps to bypass Google account verification after hard resetting your Samsung Galaxy device.

Samsung is now serious about your security and privacy, they are now taking the right measures to protect your personal data. Most of us are happy with the security but at the same time, you’ll get annoyed when you’re locked out of your device and unable to get access to it due to FRP lock.

Samsung’s old devices such as the Galaxy S3, S4, Note 3 and so on were not having this feature but the newly released devices such as Galaxy J5, J7, Galaxy C5, Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge, S7 Edge, Galaxy S8, and S8 Plus are having it and if you hard reset your phone using recovery, you’re certain to get your phone locked unless you provide the right Google account verification, it had before. In most cases, users forget their email or password and are stuck on the Google verification screen. But you don’t to have worry as I have got you covered.

Thanks to the anonymous developer who has released an APK app that can help you to bypass the Google account verification step and then erase everything to get access back to your normal Samsung Galaxy device.

Verify your account
This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device.

1. Bypass Samsung FRP without PC 2019

I have personally made my first video tutorial on how to bypass it on the Samsung Galaxy J7 16 running Android 6.0.1 using a loophole found in the Android keyboard settings. I working on other videos for the latest Samsung flagship devices that include Galaxy S9 Plus, Galaxy Note 9, S8 running Android 8.0 Oreo.

Here is the video tutorial:

Instructions are clear but if you still need help, just comment down below and I will try to respond to any questions asap.

2. How to bypass FRP on Samsung devices

Before you get started, You’ll need to have access to any of these 2 things:

  • OTG Cable for Android or
  • Having access to PC

If you have got OTG cable then follow these steps.

Step 1: First of all, download Samsung FRP settings.apk. Download link is given above.

Step 2: Copy the apk file to your USB.

Step 3: Using the OTG cable connect your USB to phone.

Step 4: Once connected, it will pop up the file manager app and install the apk app.

Step 5: You should now have access to phone settings.

Step 6: Scroll down and find Backup and reset.

Step 7: Tap Factory data reset and Reset device or Erase everything which will erase the following from your device:

  • Google Account
  • System and app data
  • Device settings
  • Downloaded apps
  • Music, Pictures and all other user data.

Step 8: Finally your phone will reboot normally and may take some time while booting and that is normal after resetting your device.

3. Bypass any Samsung Galaxy Google Account Verification without OTG

It is almost similar to the first method, but instead of using the OTG cable you’re going to use your PC.

Step 1: Download and Install SideSync APK.

Step 2: Run SideSync application on your PC and connect your phone using the USB cable.

Step 3: You should get a popup as shown on the screen below:

Chrome App

Step 4: Tap Chrome to download the bypass app apk. Enter the following into the URL bar:

Step 5: Once you download the apk file, now tap back to open the Samsung Apps. It will ask you to install the SideSync on your device but instead, search for ES File Explorer and install it.

ES File Explorer APP

Step 6: After installing the ES File Explorer, open it.

Step 7: Go to download folder and run the bypass app apk to install it.

Step 8: You should have Settings menu open, scroll down and find Backup and reset.

Step 9: Tap Factory data reset and Reset device.

Step 10: That’s it! You’ve finally unlocked your device.


Google, Samsung, and LG are making improvements to make it tough for users to bypass the security loophole. It is obvious now and I have been receiving emails from a number of readers that particular method has stopped working.

Luckily, now we have got premium FRP unlock services that help you to unlock your device within 24 hours but the downside is, it is paid. If you’re willing to pay a small fee then unlock junky has got a perfect service that provides unlock services for all Samsung and LG devices supported no matter what Android version running on your device; Android Marshmallow or Nougat.

A good news for Progeeks blog readers, PGB has started offering premium remote FRP unlock service. You can Order Now

If the above method does not work on your device. I am sure this one will work 100% as of now:

Bypass FRP without SDcard and OTG:

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7. Credit:

We as of late made an itemized well ordered manual for detour FRP on Samsung Galaxy gadgets yet as I said these strategies lapse after some time at whatever point another Android update is discharged. I was experiencing a few remarks, and somebody has posted a video in general procedure how he had the option to sidestep FRP securely.

From my own involvement, it will work 100 percent. Additionally it is somewhat simpler when contrasted with the remainder of the instructional exercise we have shared to sidestep the new Android production line reset security screen. No any others apparatus, for example, SDcard or OTG link is required for this technique and that is the reason I cherish this strategy, and ideally, before the finish of this point by point control, you’re ready to effectively get access back to your telephone.

Here is a checklist to make the bypass process successful:

  • A PC is required to use the software just like the realterm to make a call using your phone.
  • Access to a WiFi network to download the necessary files on your phone.
  • Make sure you don’t run the most recent version of Android. Now, most of you here get confused! Let me clear it with a better explanation. Some Samsung devices out of the box come with Android Marshmallow, so you don’t need to downgrade the firmware version further. But if there is a Lollipop version available you should consider downgrading. First try this method with the current Android OS installed, if it doesn’t work then you should consider downgrading OS version.
  • Carefully watch and follow each step of the tutorial.
  • Finally, this method works on any Samsung Galaxy device including S7 Edge, S6, S5, S4, Note 5, Note 4, J1, J3, J5, A5, A7 any device you can name of and made by Samsung running Android.

Download link to the required files is given at the bottom.

Here is the video tutorial:

Here are the download links to the files used in the video:

The Realterm Samsung FRP Bypass trick

There is a good chance that the Samsung FRP Bypass method given above may not work when you’re reading or maybe it could work under some conditions such as downgrading the Android software version on your device. You can downgrade Samsung device firmware very easily using Odin flash tool.

Nonetheless, If that doesn’t work at that point proceed onward and read the strategy cautiously in addition to watch the video instructional exercise.

The uplifting news is…

Adhering to the directions beneath can assist you with bypassing the gmail account without downsizing the firmware. Another technique has been discharged. I don’t know who was the engineer but rather credit goes to Root Junky. for showing the strategy and right now it works impeccably.

There is no reason, why this technique won’t work until the end of time. Samsung will before long discharge an update the fix the present bug and blemish that is being utilized to sidestep the security. All things considered, Samsung is progressively worried about the client protection and I for one don’t want an outsider to get to my private information if on the off chance that it gets lost or stolen.

Be that as it may, who knows…

Now and then we can overlook our Gmail Id and pass. Try not to stress, you can in any case fix it. Did you I neglect to make reference to! The most recent trap works with each gadget including the most recent Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Note 5, Note 4 and the Galaxy S line S7 Edge, S6, S5, and S4 in spite of the Android form. There is no special case to the strategy it works with transporter marked telephones such AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and different systems around the world.

So Here We Go….

NEW Method to bypass FRP

Bypass Factory Reset Protection

Watch the video carefully: ( I have given the download links below the video to the files mentioned in the video)


  • FRP Bypass APK (Link is given above)
  • Download and install the Realterm application on your PC – link


The strategy is same to the bygone one I have distributed. In any case, here we have one special case and that utilizing the Realterm to give authorizations on your gadget. You can watch the point by point video instructional exercise to gain proficiency with the precise strategy.

You can pursue the detailed well ordered guide with screen captures when here:

Before starting with this method, it is good to have your SIM card inserted.

Step 1: First of download the required files links given above.

Step 2: Install Realterm application on your PC that will do the trick for us.

Install Realterm

Step 3: Connect your phone to PC.

Step 4: Run realterm app and find your device port no. Please note that this is a really important step in all tutorial and you should read it carefully.

Right click on My Computer > Manage > Device Manager > Modems > Samsung Mobile USB Modem. Now double click to check properties and find port no as shown in the screenshots:

COM Port Settings

Step 5: Note down the device port no and make changes according to in realterm application as shown in the screenshot:

2016 08 21 16 45 11

Also, don’t forget to change the display settings:

2016 08 21 16 42 22

Step 6: Now the real magic starts now. Select the Send tab and enter the following command:

Sending Number

You may get an error on the screen if you do not have SIM inserted.

Step 7: You need to enter another command into the same screen and hit Send ASCII.

End Settings

Presently you’ll continue sending the order until you see the dialer screen on the telephone. You can allude back to the video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why FRP lock sidestep does not work?

As I have said before, Google presented it with Android Lollipop. Around then, it was much simpler to trap the framework with the open application to get into Android settings and wipe information industrial facility reset your telephone yet at present Google has presented Android 8.0.1 Oreo which has made it hard for ordinary clients to trap the framework.

Are there any frp open administration for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, Note 8 and Galaxy S8?

For more up to date Samsung models, the above strategies don’t work. All you’ve to do purchase FRP open administration for it. I have effectively given a specialist co-op in the end segment at the base yet, you can utilize eBay and different administrations online that could cost you from as low as $5 to $30.

Also, these open administrations work for Samsung as well as you can utilize it for any Android gadget that incorporates the most recent leaders from Google Pixel lineup, HTC, LG, Huawei and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

What would it be advisable for me to accomplish for Android 8.0 (Oreo), Android 7.0 (Nougat) and 6.0.1 (Marshmallow)?

For Android Marshmallow you can at present attempt the above method yet the for fresher renditions of Android I would profoundly prescribe you not to squander your time and purchase the FRP lock remote open administration to open your gadget.

Are there any Working FRP sidestep apparatuses?

Truly, there are and numerous versatile programming shops use them to open gadgets inside minutes. However, on the off chance that you’ve just a single gadget, at that point there is no compelling reason to purchase the devices. On the off chance that the above technique does not work for you, at that point you should visit your nearby portable auto shop to complete it somewhat less expensive.


I hope by the end of the step-by-step guide you’ve successfully bypass FRP. If in case you were unable to do it, here are my suggestions and should work 100%.

So, If you’re consistently getting failed to bypass Factory Reset Protection on your device then try the following:

You need to downgrade Android version, If possible. Look Factory Reset Protection was released with Android Lollipop, where it was in beta stages and therefore it was easy to bypass. If you can do it by following our downgrade guide first and then follow the same instructions above. It is only available for older devices such as Galaxy S5, S4, Note 4, Note 3 and all Galaxy J and Galaxy A series.

You can also go to your local Mobile software shop. They are doing it for cheap around 10 to $15 within minutes using Android boxes like Octopus, Z3X box, and Chimera online tool.

Did you find it useful? If yes, please leave your feedback in the comment section below. If you’re struggling to get back access to your Samsung Galaxy, feel free to let us know and we will try our best to respond to your queries.