Huawei Y625-U51 Firmware

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Unlock First, When flash failed Click Here

How to Flash Huawei Y625-U51 Firmware via QFIL Tool? This flash file stock rom tutorial is used to solve various problems that occur on Huawei Y625-U51. As an example, if there is bootloop or hang because of the virus, you can try this flashing way to overcome the bootloop and other problems on Huawei Y625-U51 software. The important thing to remember for this tutorial is to backup data stored in internal memory. Because with this flash will wipe the stored data and replaced with the new firmware file. Get Huawei Y625-U51 firmware on the middle post. Don’t forget to install the Huawei Y625-U51 driver first before flash. When the flash won’t start, you need to unlock the device. Visit the link above this article and follow the step on how to unlock Huawei Y625-U51.

How to Flash Huawei Y625 U51 Firmware via QFIL Tool

With this tutorial How to flash Huawei Y625-U51 Firmware via QFIL Tool, you can also solve other error problems, such as:

  • Huawei Y625-U51 Forgot Password
  • Huawei Y625-U51 Stuck on Logo
  • Forget Pattern
  • Huawei Y625-U51 Bootloop
  • Soft Brick
  • Huawei Y625-U51 Blank Screen
  • The touch screen is not sensitive
  • Slow not responsive / Hang
  • Virus malware
  • Unfortunately, the app has stopped
  • Huawei Y625-U51 often restarts itself
  • And other errors

Tools and Huawei Y625-U51 Firmware Download

  1. Qualcomm Driver for Huawei Y625-U51
  2. QFIL Tool
  3. Download Stock ROM Huawei Y625-U51 V100R001C577B101 firmware flash file via Google Drive Mediafire
  4. Password ZIP:

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How to Flash Huawei Y625-U51 Firmware via QFIL Tool

  1. First of all, get all tools and extract into one folder.
  2. Install the Qualcomm Driver. If the installation failed, you need to install manually from the device manager.
  3. Open the QFIL Tool.
  4. Make sure the Qualcomm Driver for QFIL is installed correctly and detected on device manager (COM6 port is my device, may be different on your PC).How to Flash Huawei Y625-U51 Firmware File via QFIL Flash Tool
  5. If the installation failed, try this method:
    Turn off your device, hold Volume Up + Volume Bottom and plug your Huawei Y625-U51 to PC, wait till the driver installed and device detected. This will appear on QFIL COM port.How to Flash Huawei Y625-U51 Firmware via QFIL Flash Tool
  6. Extract the Huawei Y625-U51 firmware and make sure you see a file with a .mbn format, similarly as for files like prog_emmc_xxx.mbn, also the important files are rawprogram0.xml or rawprogram2.xml and patch0.xml. That 3 files are very important (prog_emmc_xxx.mbn, rawprogram0.xml, and patch0.xml), and sometimes the files are not included in the ROM flash file pack, you need to find manually via google or XDA forum.
    How to Flash Huawei Y625-U51 Firmware via QFIL Flash ToolHow to Flash Huawei Y625-U51 Firmware via QFIL Flash Tool
  7. Click menu Flat build then click menu Browse, find the Huawei Y625-U51 firmware where you extract.
  8. Find the files prog_emmc_xxx.mbn, then open the .mbn file.How to Flash Huawei Y625-U51 Firmware via QFIL Flash Tool
  9. Click menu Load XML, you will see the file like rawprogram0 with XML format, click open and next click patch0 with the same format and last click open again.
  10. After all ready, click the Download button and wait the flash Huawei Y625-U51 Firmware finished.
  11. This process usually taking 5-10 minutes.
  12. Flash finish will show messages “Download Succeed” and “Finish Download” on tab menu Status.
  13. Unplug the cable and turn on your Huawei Y625-U51.
  14. First booting after flash will take 5-10 minutes. So, just wait until entering the wizard menu.
  15. Finally, flash Huawei Y625-U51 firmware Done.

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With this tutorial How to Flash Huawei Y625-U51 Firmware via QFIL, you will get a fresh ROM without errors.