Huawei Honor 5X Play KIW-L24 Firmware

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Unlock First, When flash failed Click Here

How to Flash Huawei Honor 5X Play KIW-L24 Firmware via HMT? With this Honor Huawei KIW-L24 flash file stock rom, an android that has problems like bootloop or forgot password will be easy to overcome. If it happens to your Huawei Honor 5X Play KIW-L24, you can try this Huawei Honor 5X KIW-L24 flash mode to solve it. Get official stock rom Huawei Honor 5X Play KIW-L24 firmware via google drive.

The need to remember is after flashing Huawei Honor 5X KIW-L24 is done, the data stored in the internal memory will be erased. So always backup the data first before execution Huawei Honor 5X KIW-L24 firmware. Because this way will replace the damaged system files or errors become fresh or normal again.

How to Flash Huawei Honor 5X Play KIW L24 Firmware via HMT

With this Tutorial How to Flash Huawei Honor 5X Play KIW-L24 Firmware via Huawei Smartphone Multi Download Software, you can also solve other error problems, such as:

  • Huawei Honor 5X KIW-L24 Forgot Password
  • Huawei KIW-L24 Stuck on Logo
  • Forget Pattern
  • Huawei 5X Play KIW-L24 Bootloop
  • Soft Brick
  • Huawei Honor KIW-L24 Blank Screen
  • The touch screen is not sensitive
  • Slow not responsive / Hang
  • Huawei 5X KIW-L24 hang on Logo
  • Virus malware
  • Unfortunately, the app has stopped
  • Huawei Honor 5X KIW-L24 often restarts itself
  • And other errors

Only used for Huawei Qualcomm chipset.

Tools and Huawei Honor 5X KIW-L24 Firmware


  1. Huawei Smartphone Multi Download Software and driver
  2. Android Qualcomm USB Driver
  3. PC / Laptop
  4. Unlock Bootloader (Optional, some user can flash with LOCKED Bootloader, unlock it when flash not working)
  5. USB cable
  6. Download firmware
    Huawei GR5 Honor 5X Play KIW-L24 C900B076_Board_Software_West_European_Region 05021WJU via Google Drive

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How to Flash Huawei Honor 5X Play KIW-L24 Firmware


  1. First of all, download all tools and install them. If you are already installed skip this step.
  2. Please read How to use Huawei Smartphone Multi Download Software for the full tutorial with image and video.
  3. Run Huawei Smartphone Multi Download Software, click on QPBLFBML01.exe.
  4. Click the Browse menu.
  5. Then navigate to the Huawei Honor 5X KIW-L24 firmware folder that has been downloaded.
  6. After that, select the file with the format like the example above, namely HDU9200MC00N015.xml. This is an example of a firmware name, every Huawei has a different name.How to Flash Huawei Honor 5X Play KIW-L24 Firmware via HMT
  7. Keep in mind, in the Huawei Honor 5X KIW-L24 firmware folder there is usually more than one XML file. So please choose the name that matches the device type when browsing the firmware earlier.How to Flash Huawei Honor 5X Play KIW-L24 Firmware via HMT
  8. Click Next for the next step.
  9. Now connect Huawei Honor 5X KIW-L24 to PC with USB cable data and make sure you are in Fastboot Mode or Download Mode.

    – To enter Fastboot Mode, press Volume Down + Power wait until show Android robot.
    – If Fastboot Mode not working, try to enter Download Mode, press Volume Atas + Volume Bawah and connect your device to PC. Hold the buttons until enter Download Update, then go for next step 9. You can check this video to enter Download Mode.

  10. Click Scan&Download and wait for flashing Huawei KIW-L24.How to Flash Huawei Honor 5X Play KIW-L24 Firmware via HMT
  11. Wait for the device to connect to PC and flash will start automatically.
  12. After 100% and finished, disconnect the Huawei KIW-L24 and try to reboot to system.
  13. Finally, flash Huawei Honor 5X Play KIW-L24 firmware via HMT is done.

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  • Usually, when opening HMT for the first time, a choice of modes will appear. Please select the Manufacture or R&D mode. For cases that fail flash, try the way from one of the XDA members.
  • When clicking the Browse firmware menu on some PCs sometimes it asks to enter the HMT password. Just leave it blank and click Set.
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