Oppo R9M Flash File via SP Flash Tool

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Using this method will overcome Oppo R9M which is problematic like bootloop or hang and slow. Because this flash file will replace the damaged system files to fresh again without error. Before flashing in try backup data stored in the internal memory first. Because this flash will wipe the entire contents of data stored in the internal memory. With this stock rom firmware Oppo R9M will feel as fresh as new.

Oppo R9M Flash File via SP Flash Tool

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Oppo R9M Flash File via SP Flash Tool
  • Download and extract the .zip file.
  • Extract firmware file Oppo R9M and you will see “MTxxxx_Android_scatter.txt“.
  • Install driver.
  • Install and open Flash Tool application.
  • Click on “Scatter-loading“, then open the folder of flash file Oppo R9M, then click “MTxxxx_Android_scatter.txt“.

Oppo R9M Flash File via SP Flash Tool

  • Wait until the file loaded.
  • Uncheck on “Preloader” file when you not sure this rom for Oppo R9M. This will prevent from hard brick.

Oppo R9M Flash File via SP Flash Tool

  • Make sure to select “Download Only” mode, then click “Download” button.

Start Flashing

  • Now Turn off your Oppo R9M and remove the battery (for non-removable battery, just need to turn off the device).
  • Press “Volume Up” and connect the device to PC (press “Volume Down” when flash not running, unplug the cable before reconnect and repeat the steps above).
  • Flash Oppo R9M will run automatically.
  • Wait until flashing finished with green notify.

Oppo R9M Flash File via SP Flash Tool

  • Unplug cable and turn on your device.
  • First booting process will take 10-15 minutes, so just wait until enter the wizard menu.
  • Flash DONE.


  • When device can’t detect on PC, try to reinstall the driver (optional drivers).
  • When flashing won’t running on “Download Only” mode, change with “Firmware Upgrade” mode, disconnect the device before re flash.

Oppo R9M Flash File via SP Flash Tool


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